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Dissidia 012 Among Default Downloadable PSP Titles for PS Vita

I’m back, people! It’s been months since we’ve gotten any updates! I have one for you today that I am sure some of you will be quite happy with.

The launch of the PSP’s successor, the PlayStation Vita, is just around the corner, and there are going to be over 200 PSP Titles ready to be downloaded and used via the system’s “PSP Emulator”, which is similar to how the PSP plays PS1 Classics.

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Among these titles are, of course, everyone’s favorite RPG/Fighter franchise, Dissidia! Included in the list isn’t just Dissidia 012, though. They’ve done much more than that. As far as Dissidia goes, the following downloadable PSP Dissidia games will function on the system:

-Dissidia: Final Fantasy
-Dissidia 012: Prologus Final Fantasy
-Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy

All three of these games (Though Prologus is sorta like a “Pre-release Game”) will be available for download for the PS Vita from Day 1! Rejoice, Dissidia and Final Fantasy fans.

If you FF fans also would like to know, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions are also on that list.

Let’s hope the news will keep coming in. I’ll be watching, and I hope you will, too!

Trent – L2K


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