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Famitsu Poll: Fans want Dissidia 012 a PSP Remaster Title

How would you all like to play Dissidia 012 on a PlayStation 3? I’m sure many of you would love the opportunity to play it on a home console, rather than a PSP, or a simulated Home Console experience through a PSP’s Video-Out option. Well, you may get your chance.

A Famitsu poll just brought back the results of what PSP games readers would most like to be among the “PSP Remasters” games, which are PSP games remastered and upgraded for release on the PS3 system.

Andriasang brought back the results of the poll, and the following were the top 5 choices of all PSP games:

1 – Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
2 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
3 – Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy
4 – Gundam Next Plus
5 – God Eater Burst

As you can see, Dissidia 012 is Famitsu/Famitsu.com’s readers’ number 3 choice for a PSP title to hit the Remaster list. Let’s hope that Square Enix sees this and lets it (and maybe one or both of the other two Square titles in that list) come in and port to the PS3.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K


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  1. Not sure if Square would remaster this one or not…since devs said specifically that if another Dissidia was made, it would be very different.

    If DDFF IS remastered for the PS3, it should have trophies, considering that the original game has its own accomplishment system. Even though the PSP remastered series isn’t supposed to have trophies, it would be kind of silly to not add them for this game.

    Comment by Shirokan | July 27, 2011 | Reply

    • This wouldn’t be a new Dissidia game, it would be an HD port of Dissidia 012 to the PS3.

      Also, don’t expect trophies, They’ve already confirmed that the PSP Remasters will not have Trophy support. Some things probably can’t be done with the fact that save data can be exchanged between both PS3 and PSP versions of Remaster games.


      Comment by Trent | July 27, 2011 | Reply

      • According to a blog written by the developers of the God of War: Origins collection (the first PSP remastered series to come to NA) will include trophy support. This suggest that he developer decides whether their remastered games will include trophies or not.

        I’m not exactly expecting trophies to be included in a Dissidia/Dissidia 012 remaster, but it would still be a nice perk in my opinion. I think Sony announced that the remastered series won’t include trophy support to avoid a fan uproar if a developer included trophies.

        Comment by Shirokan | August 14, 2011

  2. This is very cool i hope square enix does remaster it and put a online lobby to battle people via the internet would be awesome

    Comment by Thomastm | August 4, 2011 | Reply

    • That would, indeed, be a great addition. It would get rid of hassling with Ah Hoc Party and Xlink Kai for multiplayer.

      Comment by Trent | August 4, 2011 | Reply

      • I am also in agreement with this. If an online lobby was created, I’d be willing to share my PSN ID if someone would be willing to kick my butt. 😛

        Comment by Shirokan | August 14, 2011

  3. I have a question, where did this picture come from? I only ask because Lightning is in her alternate attire and they just seem to be standing around and not in battle.

    Comment by Piko | September 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Sorry for the semi-late reply. Anyways, this article’s picture is a screenshot I took of the game. Yuna is an Assist in the battle this came from and Lightning was standing right next to her as she did her Assist attack.

      I took the screen in Replay Edit mode of right before the Yuna Assist disappeared.

      Comment by Trent | September 13, 2011 | Reply

  4. ah i see, i was just curious because i noticed that Lightning was in her alternate attire, and it looked like it came from a cut scene because Yuna and her just seemed to be standing so i was confused. I think it would have been cool if you could use alternate costumes in the story modes, especially in the last scenario.

    Comment by Piko | September 28, 2011 | Reply

    • Yes, I do as well. I guess they took that feature out so some costumes wouldn’t over-stress the game’s engine on the world map, like the Cape and Wing in Cloud’s DLC costume.

      The game was semi-stressed at the World Map already with Terra, since she performs Blizzard Combo somewhat slowly when you use her on the map.

      Comment by Trent | September 30, 2011 | Reply

  5. That makes sense however I still think it would be pretty cool to do it. Although I was pretty disappointed in the quest creation mode. It was so limited, it was hard to work with such little text space. I don’t like that you can only have so little dialogue in it, and it confuses me that you can’t use manikins it would be so simple to include them, basically pallet swaps of all the characters. But hopefully if they make a new one it will be on the PS3 that way it wont have so many restraints holding it back.

    Comment by Piko | October 4, 2011 | Reply

    • Quests were also restrained in the fact that Japan was the only region to get the online part of Quests as well as the “Official Quests” from Square Enix that added more to the game’s storyline.

      The good thing about costumes, though, is that if you put one of your sets on an AI opponent, they’ll be wearing whatever costume you have that set on at the time the quest is made, so you still have 3-4 variations per character.

      Comment by Trent | October 12, 2011 | Reply

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