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Famitsu Poll: Fans want Dissidia 012 a PSP Remaster Title

How would you all like to play Dissidia 012 on a PlayStation 3? I’m sure many of you would love the opportunity to play it on a home console, rather than a PSP, or a simulated Home Console experience through a PSP’s Video-Out option. Well, you may get your chance.

A Famitsu poll just brought back the results of what PSP games readers would most like to be among the “PSP Remasters” games, which are PSP games remastered and upgraded for release on the PS3 system.

Andriasang brought back the results of the poll, and the following were the top 5 choices of all PSP games:

1 – Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
2 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
3 – Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy
4 – Gundam Next Plus
5 – God Eater Burst

As you can see, Dissidia 012 is Famitsu/Famitsu.com’s readers’ number 3 choice for a PSP title to hit the Remaster list. Let’s hope that Square Enix sees this and lets it (and maybe one or both of the other two Square titles in that list) come in and port to the PS3.

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Dissidia 012 PS3 Avatars live on US PSN, Almost complete

Time for some more Dissidia 012 news. This news is for PS3 users. concerning Avatars, the custom image you use for your PlayStation Network account.

Over the past several weeks, character portraits from Dissidia 012 have been uploading to PSN for purchase on the PS3 Storefront. Now, thanks to Final Fantasy Net, we know that they are nearing completion.

According to their site, the US PSN has now uploaded all of the characters for Dissidia 012 except for Cloud Strife and Zidane Tribal. Each avatar costs $0.49. Anyone with a PS3, you can now enjoy Dissidia characters on your profile.

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