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Famitsu Poll: Fans want Dissidia 012 a PSP Remaster Title

How would you all like to play Dissidia 012 on a PlayStation 3? I’m sure many of you would love the opportunity to play it on a home console, rather than a PSP, or a simulated Home Console experience through a PSP’s Video-Out option. Well, you may get your chance.

A Famitsu poll just brought back the results of what PSP games readers would most like to be among the “PSP Remasters” games, which are PSP games remastered and upgraded for release on the PS3 system.

Andriasang brought back the results of the poll, and the following were the top 5 choices of all PSP games:

1 – Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
2 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
3 – Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy
4 – Gundam Next Plus
5 – God Eater Burst

As you can see, Dissidia 012 is Famitsu/Famitsu.com’s readers’ number 3 choice for a PSP title to hit the Remaster list. Let’s hope that Square Enix sees this and lets it (and maybe one or both of the other two Square titles in that list) come in and port to the PS3.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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Dissidia 012 PS3 Avatars live on US PSN, Almost complete

Time for some more Dissidia 012 news. This news is for PS3 users. concerning Avatars, the custom image you use for your PlayStation Network account.

Over the past several weeks, character portraits from Dissidia 012 have been uploading to PSN for purchase on the PS3 Storefront. Now, thanks to Final Fantasy Net, we know that they are nearing completion.

According to their site, the US PSN has now uploaded all of the characters for Dissidia 012 except for Cloud Strife and Zidane Tribal. Each avatar costs $0.49. Anyone with a PS3, you can now enjoy Dissidia characters on your profile.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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FFV, VI, XI DLC live on US PSN

Well, it’s July 19th, the day Square Enix promised that the US PSN Store would be getting some more DLC for Dissidia 012. S-E made good on their promise as the store updated about 2 hours ago and the DLC is, indeed, there. Updated are the following:

Bartz “Dancer” Costume
Terra “Striped Dress” Costume
Shantotto “Wedding Dress” Costume

Final Fantasy V Music Pack
Final Fantasy VI Music Pack
Final Fantasy XI Music Pack

To total everything up on the store, not counting promotional DLC, we have costumes for the following characters:

Warrior of Light, Emperor, Onion Knight, Bartz, Terra, Sephiroth, Laguna, Zidane, Kuja, Yuna, Shantotto, Vaan

Also, we have music packs for the following games:

Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII

Now that the US is all caught up with the other regions (other than the Gilgamesh costume), it is hopeful to have some more DLC announced soon! Also, if any of you are fans of strategy RPGs, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions was added to PSN tonight for $9.99, which may be a sign that some other Square PSP games may be headed towards PSN (like Crisis Core: FFVII or Final Fantasy I and II Anniversary Editions).

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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My Review – 8.5/10

On the topic of reviews, I realized that I had a review written on the game for over 3 months now. It’s not a great review, but it did win one of the “Review of the Month” awards on GameFAQs back in April. The review is positive and you can read it here or at the following link:

GameFAQS Dissidia 012 Review

Another great game in Square’s 2011 PSP Lineup – 8/10
2011 seems to be Square’s year for the PSP. Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, and Legend of Mana have released as PS1 Classics and for PSP Hardware, there’s Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix (JP), Lord of Arcana, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection, and Dissidia 012.

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy (also called Duodecim, which is Latin for “twelve”) is Square’s pre-sequel to 2009’s RPG-fighter crossover, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which took 22 characters from the Final Fantasy universe and threw them into a 3D Action RPG-like Fighting Game. 012 takes what the original started and adds a lot onto it. Fans of the original and of the FF franchise will have plenty to do with 012.

Story – 7.5/10

If you’ve played the original, you know that the story revolves around a world that goes through constant cycles of war between two deities: Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony and Chaos, God of Discord, who summon legendary warriors to do their bidding. The original game’s story had 10 heroes, 10 villains, and showcased storylines for each hero, guiding them to a crystal containing the power to fight against the God of Discord.

The original’s story took place in the 13th cycle of war between the two deities, and 012 chronicles the 12th cycle. Adding onto the already sizable roster are 6 new heroes. To balance this out, three old heroes are now on the side of Chaos: Terra Branford, Cloud Strife, and Tidus. 012 mainly focuses on the journeys of the 6 new characters.

Apart from the 012 scenario, the game also includes two unlockable scenarios. The first of these is Cycle 013, a remake of the original’s storyline, and a new scenario called “Confessions of the Creator”, which outlines events that happen after the 21st cycle. As you progress through these, you also unlock Reports, which contain more cutscenes and battle scenarios throughout the entire saga. With all of this, it can easily take you 40-50 hours to complete all of the story segments of this game.

It is well known that the story of the original game was not as accepted as the stories of other Final Fantasy games. While 012’s story is not great, it is a step up from the original. Many of the characters are personifications of how they were in their original games, rather than broken down to a cliché, as most of the characters were in the original. Some of them even have their memories from their original worlds.

I give Story a 7.5 for improving on the original, but still not living up to the legendary name of “Final Fantasy”.

Gameplay – 9/10

Gameplay of Dissidia 012 is mostly the same as the original. You are still running around in sizable 3D arenas, going at it mano-a-mano with an opponent. You still have all of your RPG elements, like leveling up, equipping abilities, and synthesizing equipment to power up your characters. However, 012 has added a sizable amount of twists and turns to make things more interesting.

The one big thing the game adds to the mix is variety. The 9 new characters (6 for the story, 3 unlockable) offer very diverse playstyles. You go from Lightning’s Paradigm Shifts to a barrage of bullets from Laguna’s machine gun. Not one of the new characters plays anything like any of the others.

Along with these characters, there have been 7 new stages added to the game, showcasing locations such as the Phantom Train from FFVI and Empyreal Paradox from FFXI: Chains of Promathia.

As with most Fighting Game sequels, several tweaks and additions were made to the abilities of the original 22 characters. Almost every character gained at least one new attack, and every character had some changes made to some of their existing attacks. Most notable is that Shantotto and Emperor are much more formidable than before.

The most notable addition is called the “Assist System”. You can equip an Assist Character to the character you’re fighting with and you gain Assist energy as you attack your opponent. Once half the Assist bar is full, you can summon your Assist Character to attack your opponent. This makes battle a lot more interesting. Not only do you have to worry about what you’re opponent is doing, but also have to be on the lookout for assist attacks that come out of nowhere.

Story progression has also seen some changes. The Destiny Odyssey “chess board” gameplay has been tweaked so that it progresses much faster. Apart from that, you have an entire Overworld Map to explore in true RPG fashion, which is sure to bring nostalgia to fans of the franchise. On this map (which is based on the Final Fantasy I world map), you can run around to collect treasure chests, attack orbs to gain skills, and have random encounters with enemies.

The world map is where the new “Party System” is utilized. In certain scenarios, you make a party of 5 characters and all explore the map together. When in battle, you can fight with all 5 party members. If someone gets KO’d, the next member can resume the battle for them. When you win fights in “Party Mode”, all 5 characters gain experience. It’s literally like training 5 characters at once.

Also on the world map are gateways, which you must unlock to proceed further through the world map. Unlocking these gateways takes you to a Destiny Board. Upon clearing the board, you earn KP (used to buy Equipment, Summons, and Skills from Moogle Shops) and are returned to the overworld to explore more of the map. This new gameplay is also present in the revamped 013 scenario.

I will also talk quickly about new gameplay modes for the game. In Battle Mode, you have 2 versions of Quick Battle, 1-on-1 and Party Battle. Both of these are customizable battles with opponents, except Party Battle consists of using a 5-member party against a 5-member party.

Arcade Mode is still here from the original game, and the Duel Colosseum has been transformed into Labyrinth, which has you fighting battles and exploring a huge Labyrinth, where you can enter and exit as you wish. You can also set up cottages or tents so you don’t lose some of the items you gain here.

Lastly is one major thing the original game did not have: Downloadable Content (DLC). Square has promised a boatload of DLC for this game, which consists of new costumes and music tracks. They have promised at least one costume for each characters, and have started sending out 3-track music packs for each game.

Graphics – 8/10

The visual presentation of this game is nothing new. The engine that was used in the first game is recycled for this game. There’s nothing wrong with recycling the engine, though, as that engine is one of the most impressive engines on the PSP.

The engine really showcases it’s capabilities when you are seeing multiple characters on screen. Magic attacks look flashy and lag is basically nonexistent. You can have two Yunas fighting, each with two summons out and an assist character out (8 characters on screen at one time) without having the PSP blow up. That in itself is an impressive accomplishment.

I gave Graphics an 8. It may be a recycled engine, but it has truly impressive limitations, as shown in the game.

Presentation/Sound – 8/10

As far as audio goes, if you didn’t like the voice-acting in the original, you probably won’t be too fond of voice acting in this game either. The new characters have returning voice actors, like Liam O Brien for Kain Highwind. As a whole, all of the new voice-actors do a decent job at their character roles, with the better ones as returning roles, rather than giving voice-acting to characters who didn’t have it before.

Music reception is kind of hit-and-miss. There are plenty of new remixes of songs in this, including Esper Battle from FFXII, Force Your Way from FFVIII, and Castle Pandemonium from FFII. With these remixes, you’ll most likely either love them or hate them. One thing is for certain, though. There is a lot of new music.

On top of the music tracks from the first game, there are new dungeon themes and 2 new battle songs for each of the 13 represented games, not to mention the possibility of 39 more tracks if you include DLC from each game. To put it at it’s simplest form, the soundtrack has easily doubled in size.

I give Sound an 8/10. Not all of the remixes are well-liked, but the sheer amount of new music, as well as DLC music is quite impressive.

Multiplayer – 8/10

Multiplayer for the original game was local only and consisted of fighting other people and gaining their Friend Cards, so you could fight their Ghost character to practice and gain their equipment and accessories through Item Drops.

012 still has this and adds more onto it. First of all, it is still local only, so we don’t have traditional online multiplayer. However, you can import Friend Card save data from your Memory Stick, so all you have to do is get your friend to upload his/her friend card to the internet. After that, you can download it, import it, and fight their ghost. This is a handy trick for those who do not have the means to get online with the game through Ad Hoc Party or Xlink Kai.

The biggest improvement for multiplayer, however, is Quest Creation. This feature lets you create customized 5-battle quests, with the use of story events that are written by you as well as the use of Player Icons unlocked as you play the game.

The ability to create customized Quests aka Fanfics is a great addition to the game, but only has one downside for North American and European players. Square did not set up a server web site for players to upload these quests online for other players to download, like they did in Japan.

Why did they not give US/EU players access to this feature? We don’t know. I’ve sent many emails to Square Enix Support about this, but have yet to receive a reply. The good news is you can save the quests and upload them to the Internet the same way you can with a Friend Card, enabling Quest sharing through organized fan-run networks.

Multiplayer gets an 8 for the improvements on the current multiplayer system and the inclusion of Quest Creation.

Conclusion – 8.5/10

Dissidia 012 takes the original and more than doubles the amount of content. With 9 new characters, 7 new stages, and many new gameplay modes, there is always something new to do. More RPG-like than the original was, this game appeals more to RPG fans than fighting fans. However, gamers of all varieties will likely get many hours of fun from this game, while Dissidia veterans can expect hundreds of hours.

Well, there was another review, and expect more updates soon.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K

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Sestren Review – 9/10

Time for an update on the articles of this blog. Since DLC news has been scarce lately, I’m going to do more extensive in searching for news items to post here about Dissidia 012. Expect to see more frequent updates with things such as reviews, price drops, etc.

To start this off, we have a review of Dissidia 012 that was posted on Sestren.com a few days ago. It was a very positive review. You can read the review either in the following link or in this article, which will be posted below:


Opening Statement

There is a lot to this game that I almost feel like telling you to just pick it up and play it for yourself.

Intro – About the game

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy has so many features and so much depth that I don’t even know where I should begin in explaining it all.  However, for those of you yet to purchase this game, this should be a good sign as every feature and detail in this game is wonderful.  This is especially true for any Final Fantasy fan.  I would also say that if you are not the biggest Final Fantasy fan, but enjoy action-rpg/fighting games, then this is most definitely something you should at least check out.

You have many modes to choose from which includes a Story Mode, Battle Mode(Quick Battle 1 on 1 or Quick Battle Party with a party of up to 5 that is completely customizable) and Arcade Mode which gives certain objectives to complete.

A fighting game with action and rpg elements, Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy is a blast to play.  You can play on either RPG mode or Action mode.  I spent most of my time playing on action mode.  The gameplay with action mode is such fun to play and controls very well once you get the hang of it.

Playing in RPG mode is still a good time for the battles as well and like all RPG’s, you select what your character does and it’s still very interactive with how the fighting progresses.  You get to select when your characters moves, attacks, defends and more.  However, when playing in action mode, you get full control over everything and it’s really a much more enjoyable gameplay experience.

There are many combinations for attacks for each character and each with their own special moves.  Each character also levels up on it’s own as you play with them.  As you level up and continue to play, there are also so many things to unlock and accomplish in Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy.

During battle you also have EX Mode for special attacks which are really neat when you do perform them.  You do need to make sure to collect the EX Core when it comes into play if you want to be able to charge your EX Meter in able to perform these powerful attacks.

Another nice gameplay addition is the Assist. For the assist, players must charge up a meter that fills up as they attack, and once it is full you can call on another player to lend a hand. You need to fill up the first bar to have them do a bravery attack and fill up both bars to have them perform an HP attack.

The levels in Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy are fun to play in as well, with destructible surroundings and walls to climb, they provide for even more fun gameplay while playing action mode.  There are a few levels that can become slightly frustrating however and you need to be aware of your surroundings.

When it comes to Story Mode, you will play it by episodes.  Each episode playing with a different character.  The way story mode works is you have your basic world to journey, though it’s very compact to where you can actually go.  While in the world, there are usually a treasure chest or two to collect as well as maybe one battle you can fight in.  However, you look for gateways to enter to progress.

Once in a gateway, it’s set up like a tactics game.  You can walk up to a square that an enemy sits on and engage in battle.  You will also collect chains that you can use in setting up battles.  So instead of moving from square to square to each enemy to fight, you can use a chain that can highlight multiple targets to fight from your location to earn more KP to use later.  Once you fight your way through each enemy you’ll reach an end point to either simply be able to exit the gateway or to face a boss.

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy really has a lot of detail in the game with lots of things to look at and complete.  It has a ton of extra features that go along side with you as you play the game.  It keeps full track of accomplishments which there are a ton and it will keep you very busy for a very long time.  It also has a mode called battlegen which are accessories that are obtainable when completing certain conditions during matches.

Throughout the game you will also be able to edit the abilities of each character. This includes offensive abilities, both bravery and HP attacks as well as basic abilities and actions to equip.  There is so much here for your to customize and do.  You also have two different shops to shop from in Story mode, both with different types of items to purchase.

As you start the game it lets you transfer over your Dissidia Final Fantasy game save data if you’ve played the previous one.  However if you are like me, you’ll be starting new data.  You’ll then get to enter a nickname, what type of gamer you are and what day of the week you play the most.  So lets say you are to pick Saturday as your most played day.  The game has a calendar and every time Saturday comes along, that will be your bonus day in the game for you to receive bonuses in game.

Your calendar keeps up to date with the actual date and time.  It lets you know how many consecutive days you’ve played and will also let you know when other bonus days come about.  You also get mail from moogles that present you with friend cards and more.  They can also be interactive with you asking you questions as well for you to respond to in which they will get back to you the next day on.

Another feature is the PP Catalog where you will earn PP throughout the game to use in the PP Catalog to unlock all kinds of material from characters, uniforms, voices, stages, bonus icons for your calendar, avatars, background music and so much more!

You can also create original quests(battles) to play all the way from the battle format, background, background music, victory conditions and more.  There is also an area to watch and edit your battle replay data.
There really is a massive amount of detail to this game that you will spend lots of time just looking at it all.  It is also presented very well with very easy to navigate menus as you work your way through the game.

I will also say that they did a wonderful job explaining every little thing you may have questions about while playing this game.  By just pressing the Start button while in a certain menu, it will give a lot of detail about it.  Also, if you need to, the instruction booklet comes handy as well explaining more details on certain things.


The story for Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy in story mode is well enough.  It’s not great by any means, but I am sure a lot of us like most of the characters and that’s what drives this game.  I still did find it interesting at certain points in the game as it progresses.  So by no means is it a bad game at all.  It works for what the game is and that’s what is most important.

Game play – AI – Controls

Controls in the game do take awhile to get down, there are a lot of different combinations in the buttons that will take time to learn.  Once you get the hang of it though, it becomes so much fun to play.  The AI can be easy to very difficult as well, especially if you are going up against a much higher level character than you.

Sound – Graphics

Of course the soundtrack is mighty excellent with wonderful Final Fantasy tunes!  Visually the game looks very sharp as well, including decent cutscenes.

Online – Multiplayer

Unfortunately the game is ad-hoc only.  If this was playable online, this would be fantastic!  If you have some friends to play with though, you will be in for some good times for sure.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor

I really did enjoy this title and had a lot of fun with it.  Most importantly to mention is that I will also continue to have a lot of fun with it.  I have an extremely high enjoyment level for Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy!  With different modes and lots to do and unlock, it’s a very fun game.  Most importantly, without a good battle system this game wouldn’t have been as good as it is.

Final Notes:

I will mention the load times here.  If you have a large chip to install, I would do so.  Otherwise the load times will slow you down a bit.  It’s not as smooth as I would have liked.

Buy, Rent, Avoid Factor:

Easily a buy!  With tons of depth in the game and so many characters to play with and level up, you will be busy for a long long time!  This is a fantastic game for Final Fantasy fans and it’s a wonderful game for those who may be on the edge.  The story isn’t great by any means in story mode, but it is interesting enough.  Again, it’s the gameplay and all the things you can do that make this worth it.  With so many features in the game, you will find yourself putting many many hours into it.

Rating – 9/10

I know this isn’t the kind of post we’ve been having lately, but I’m going to try to get as much news and information as I can, whether it be reviews, DLC announcements, price drops, or other news.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is not Dissidia 3

Lately, there has been a new Final Fantasy game announced for the Nintendo 3DS, titled “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy”, which is a rhythm game that has a story somewhat like Dissidia’s story and has a similar looking logo.

Since it looked similar, there have been many people believing that this game is actually the next Dissidia game, thinking that rhythm was the genre Nomura was talking about when he said the next Dissidia game wouldn’t be like 012 was.

According to a Famitsu interview on Andriasang, those people were dead wrong.  Upon asked the question of whether Theatrhythm was the future of Dissidia, Tetsuya Nomura said No, and said that this was not what he was referring to when he talked about the next Dissidia being different from the original and 012.

Also, the Japanese PSN was updated last week and with the V, VI, and XI DLCs due for release on the US PSN this week, we can expect some more DLC to be announced soon.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K

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