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FFIX DLC now available on Japan PSN

Probably should have posted this before the last article, but it will be alright.  Anyways, thanks to Chaotic Cosmos, the Final Fantasy IX DLC for Dissidia 012 is now available on the Japanese PSN.  As you already know, the two costumes are 300 yen a piece and are a black cloak for Zidane and a pirate-y Treno outfit for Kuja.

What we didn’t know were the three music tracks that would be included from Final Fantasy IX.  They are as follows:

Feel My Blade

Hunter’s Chance

Rose of May

All excellent tracks, if I do say so.  I am very happy to see this on the Japanese PSN now, as that means we’re one step closer to getting these costumes and music on the US and EU PSN Stores.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K


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Sephiroth/Laguna DLC Announced-FFVII/VIII DLC Music

We have more Dissidia 012 DLC news! Thanks to Dissidia France and Chaotic Cosmos, the next sets of costumes and music have been confirmed to be released on the Japanese PSN on April 7th, one week from today.

Pricing for the costumes are set at 300 Yen a piece and the music tracks were not specified, but it stands to reason that it would be the same as the FFIV tracks: 300 yen per music pack.  The contents are as follows:

Sephiroth Costume – Kingdom Hearts Gear
Link: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/File:DLC_Sephiroth.jpg

Laguna Costume – Knight in Shining Armor
Link: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/File:DLC_Laguna.jpg

Final Fantasy VII Music

Birth of a God

Electric de Chocobo

Crazy Motorcycle

Final Fantasy VIII Music

Liberi Fatali

The Landing

Shuffle or Boogie

This is a great set of costumes and music (especially the music), if I do say so myself.  The Landing and Birth of a God are pretty epic battle pieces for this game.  I can’t wait to see what else they’re adding (specifically if they’re going to add Hunter’s Chance from FFIX).

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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Warrior of Light DLC now available on US PSN

The Dissidia 012 DLC (Downloadable Content) has finally started rolling in!  PSN just updated for the week, and the Warrior of Light “Nameless Warrior” downloadable costume is now available for download.  You may have to use the Search feature to find it right away.

As was promised, the costume is free of charge, and the download is about 3 MB in size.

Once downloaded, it will automatically be in the game.  You just have to go to Warrior of Light and pick the costume called “DLC 1” to use it.

If you bought The 3rd Birthday today, you can also enjoy Lightning’s Aya Brea costume by putting the Download Code into PSN and downloading that costume.  Note that you will not get the Aya Brea code if you buy 3rd Birthday off PSN, only the UMD release has it.

I’ll be back with updates soon!

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How to Obtain Friend Cards and Quests without Ad Hoc Party or Xlink Kai

Dissidia 012 is a lovely game. It’s so lovely that you don’t even have to fight someone in a multiplayer match to obtain their Friend Card and be able to fight their Ghosts. On top of that, you can obtain Quests through the same means, since Square seems to have given us an English version without the ability to upload Quests online.

There have been quest communities forming and quest/friend card sharing topics arising around the web, offering many links to these things, so we all can experience others’ work.

Friend Cards – http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/605802-dissidia-012-duodecim-final-fantasy/58599031

Quests – http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/605802-dissidia-012-duodecim-final-fantasy/58601530

Quest Community –http://community.livejournal.com/ffcosmos_mognet/

First of all, you need to know how to get those quests and Friend Cards online.  It’s a simple process that is easy for me to explain.

Friend Cards can be exported into save files and imported into your own save file to be able to fight that person’s ghost character.  You Export from the “Data Config.” option.  After here, bring up your Friend Card and press Square to export it.  Importing is done in Communications Mode, under Communications.  An option is there called “Import Friend Card” that lets you find a Friend Card save file and import into you Friend Card list.

For Quests, you simply need to have it saved on your memory stick’s “SAVEDATA” folder and you can bring it up in the game and play through it.  Quests are also saved the same way Friend Cards are.

If you want to upload your own, you have to find the Quest or Friend Card, then you need to plug your PSP into your PC after saving the Quest or Friend Card.  Once you find the folder it’s in on your Memory Stick’s “SAVEDATA” folder (inside the “PSP” folder), then compress the folder into a .ZIP file or other compressed format.  This can be done by right-clicking the folder and then clicking on “Send to -> Compressed Folder”.

Once it’s compressed, upload it to a file sharing web site, like MegaUpload and you’ll be given a link to your Friend Card or Quest.  You can then give the link for others to download the quests and/or friend cards.  Note that these are region-locked.  You can’t send a US quest to a EU player.

Getting them onto your PSP and working in the game can sometimes be tricky.  For quests, you CANNOT rename the folder.  So, if you’ve got two different quests called “Quest00”, then you have to move one off of your memory stick to be able to put the other one on and use it.  Otherwise, Dissidia 012 will recognize it as corrupt data.  So, basically, back them up on your computer.

Friend Cards are simpler.  Once you put them into your SAVEDATA folder and import them into your game, you can delete the save files for the Friend Cards and you won’t lose them in your Friend Card list.

Note that you can import your own Friend Card and you can import multiple copies of your friend card, in case you want ghosts of more than one of your characters to spar against.  When you import a second copy of your own card, it will not overwrite/delete the first one you had.  It will keep them both.

To show an example, here are a few links to things I’ve made:

Quest – The Fallen 1


Friend Card – Cloud Ghost (Diamond Armor Set)


It’s been awhile since the game came out, but expect more updates to come in.

I’ll be back with updates soon!

Trent – L2K

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Zidane/Kuja DLC Coming to Japan March 31; Music Pack 1 available now for 300 Yen

Alright, well it’s time for some more DLC news. We now have a date for the Zidane/Kuja DLC Costumes (for Japan) as well as the contents of the first music pack that is being sold for Dissidia 012 (also Japan). This is thanks to Chaotic Cosmos and Siliconera. You can view the link below:


First of all, the Zidane and Kuja costumes will be available for Japan on March 31st, one week from today. The costumes are also pretty pricey. Each costume will cost 300 yen, meaning 600 yen for both. That would translate to $3.00 per costume. More than I expected, especially after seeing Warrior of Light’s costume for free.

Secondly, we have the contents of the first music pack for the game, which released today. It has three tracks in it, and costs 300 yen. The three tracks are from Final Fantasy IV: Golbez’s Theme, Giant’s Dungeon, and The Final Battle. These original tracks can be listened to below via YouTube.

Golbez’s Theme – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_w2l_B76CU
Giant’s Dungeon – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jzh0BThaaU
The Final Battle (Zeromus) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1IV6CZUy9o

Thankfully, the songs are $3.00 total, not a piece, and they are good choices as well.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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Prologus now available on EU PSN

Well, Prologus is finally here for European/PAL Territory gamers. Thanks to Chaotic Cosmos, we now know that Prologus has hit the EU PSN Store, which you can see in the article picture or in the screenshot below someone at Chaotic Cosmos took of the game’s page via Media Go.


I’m sure EU gamers are happy to finally have the demo, but not so much only 2 days ahead of the full game’s release. No matter, if any PAL Territory gamers want all those Chocobo Colognes by Friday, then I hope you are getting to work nice and fast.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K

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Warrior of Light/Lightning DLC Confirmed for US

You know, a lot of people were wondering if we were going to get Lightning’s DLC Costume. You know, the one that makes her look like Aya Brea from the Parasite Eve games. Well, Siliconera has provided us with information which confirms an American release for that costume as well as the Warrior of Light costume that came out on the Japanese PSN the same day as Dissidia 012. You can view the article below:


Lightning’s costume will be in a code packaged with copies of The 3rd Birthday, due for release on March 29th. Warrior of Light’s costume will be available on PSN, free of charge, that same day.

It’s good to get this information in about the costumes.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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How to Redeem DLC Codes

Since the game is released, everyone who pre-ordered from GameStop and Amazon should have gotten their exclusive costume codes by now via email, except for in-store pickups at GameStop, which you’ll get your code on your receipt when you buy the game today. Redeeming these codes is pretty easy, and is done through the PlayStation Network.

First of all, if you can’t find your email, make sure you check your Junk folder. That’s where my email from GameStop was when I checked this morning. On that email (or receipt), you will receive a 12-digit code to redeem your costume. After getting the code, log into the PlayStation Network and click on “Redeem Codes” in the upper right corner of the window.

Now, just enter your code and you will be allowed to download your costume. The costumes are actually much bigger, in size, than I expected them to be. The Kingdom Hearts Cloud costume is roughly 3 MB in size, so I imagine the Tifa Amano costume is probably about the same.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having a bunch of Dissidia 012 DLC files cluttering up your Memory Stick. They all add together into the same file. When I downloaded KH Cloud, it added its file size to the Aeris DLC I downloaded when I bought Prologus.

Enjoy the game and your special costumes if you pre-ordered!

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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Dissidia 012 now available in US

Sorry this is a day late, but WordPress had some major issues yesterday, making it impossible to access the dashboards and make new posts. However, here is the news of Dissidia 012’s release!

It’s time, people! The wait is finally over! Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy is officially released in the United States, both in UMD and PSN formats. Anyone who wants either format can now obtain the epic prequel-sequel to Dissidia in the States.

With the game out, I’ll note a few things you may or may not already know.

-The Data Install can be over 800MB in size, so if you want short load times, you’ll lose a sizable chunk of your Memory Stick. The full install takes about 90 minutes, so be prepared for a lengthy wait.

-You can import save data from Prologus and Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Prologus transfers accomplishment rewards, and Dissidia transfers levels, abilities, AP, and PP Catalogue purchases. You also have the option to not transfer levels and abilities from Dissidia.

– Assuming you import a Dissidia save, all characters except Prishe, Gilgamesh, and Feral Chaos will be unlocked. You unlock the first two through Report 8 (which unlocks after you complete the Prologue of 013) or their respective story campaigns, and Feral Chaos by defeating both his manikin and himself in Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creators.

The PSN version of the game is listed under “New PSP Games”, which is under “New Releases”. It costs $29.99 and is over 1.2 GB in size. With this in mind, the download time for the game will roughly be 5 times longer than you spent downloading Prologus.

Be sure to enjoy the game, no matter what format you chose, and be sure to check out some of the other PSP releases for this week, like Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars or Legend of Mana (PS1 Classic).

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K

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Dissidia 012 PSN Release Confirmed for US

The US PlayStation Blog has just updated with their weekly “The Drop” article, which talks of all the releases for the upcoming week, and also specifies PSN releases. This week, of course, is the release of Dissidia 012, and they have confirmed a PSN Release for us. You can read their article below:

The Drop

We already assumed that we would be getting a PSN release of Dissidia 012, but this was the first time we actually had official confirmation that it would release on PSN in the US. Japanese PSN Releases don’t necessarily mean US PSN Releases anymore, thanks to Square Enix making a recent statement about The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve 3), which released on Japanese PSN on Day 1, being UMD-Only in the US.

You’d better start clearing space on your Memory Cards if you plan on downloading the game on Tuesday night. I’ll make a post when the store updates, as I did last week for Prologus.

The rest of you, however, will already be enjoying the game, as I will, for pre-ordering from GameStop (who guarantees the game in the mail on the release day if you pre-order by March 21st with overnight shipping).

I’ll be back with updates soon!
Trent – L2K

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