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Famitsu Details Play Modes for Dissidia 012

Famitsu has sent out a report and, thanks to Andriasang, we have a translation of that report, which details pretty much all play modes for Dissidia 012. Yeah, that’s right. All of them. You can view the translation below:


From the Main Screen (as you could see in the article picture), the options are the following:

Story Mode
-The 12th Battle

Wireless Mode
-Online Lobby
-Group Battle
-Friend Card
-StreetPass Import

Battle Mode
-Free Battle (1 vs 1)
-Free Battle (Party)
-Arcade Mode

PP Catalogue



Under Story Mode, “Report” is a section where you read text as you progress through the main story (like the Cosmos/Chaos Reports from the first game). Also under Story, is “XXX”, which is assumed to be a secret Story Mode (Maybe Prishe/Gilgamesh stories?).

Group Battle, under Wireless Mode, is the tournament option that lets 10 players participate in one-on-one battles, while being able to watch the battles they aren’t participating in. They said this was an Ad-Hoc feature, so it’s likely that there’s no online play involved.

Labyrinth Mode must be unlocked before it can be accessed (just like Duel Colosseum in the first game).

Speaking of Labyrinth Mode, the report details this mode some more, and we’ve learned some new things. For starters, the character pictures under “Labyrinth” actually are not only assist characters (for the Party Battle Cards). They, in fact, can be assists or playable characters, so you won’t get kicked out of Labyrinth Mode as long as you still have other characters left.

Item acquisition is an interesting factor in Labyrinth Mode. Some items are marked with a sprite visual of a cave, signaling that they can be taken out and used in other game play modes. Other items can be stored inside the labyrinth by setting up Tents and Cottages, which can be found and accessed if you leave the mode and come back later on.

It was also noted that you cannot save in the middle of the Labyrinth and if you die, you will lose all your items. This makes you fight more carefully in this mode if you’ve acquired some great items in your time in the Labyrinth.

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Ultimania Covers Revealed

Thanks to Chaotic Cosmos, we have some images of what the two Ultimania books for Dissidia 012 will look like. You can view each image below:

Ultimania – Action
Ultimania – RPG

As you can see, they decided to use CG Art for the covers, as opposed to original Amano art from the first Dissidia’s ultimania.

This was short, but I’m sure there’s more to come soon, as the game hits Japan in 2 days.

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New TV Commercial Found on YouTube

Not a really big update, but we have a new TV Commercial for Dissidia 012, which was located on YouTube. Nothing shown was necessarily new, but the commercial isn’t one of the “funny” ones on the japanese web site. Thank Chaotic Cosmos for this news. You can view the new commercial below:

YouTube Dissidia 012 CM

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IGN Video Preview Showcases Lightning, Vaan, Laguna, Yuna, Kain, Tifa

I tear up every time I see that picture. Just seems so sad. Anyways, we have some more updates, thanks to the Internet Gaming Network, otherwise known as IGN. They’ve uploaded a video preview of Dissidia 012, which can be viewed below via YouTube.

IGN Preview

In this preview, they showcase some english gameplay of each of the main new characters: Lightning, Vaan, Laguna, Yuna, Kain, and Tifa. They also said they will have a full video review out next month, so I’m looking forward to what they rate the game.

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Famitsu Scans Detail Gilgamesh Story, New Summons

Okay, more updates! This time we have some more Famitsu scans, which have a translation to go along with them, thanks to Chaotic Cosmos. The scans can be viewed below:

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3

The first scan talks about Gilgamesh’s entrance into Dissidia 012 happens some time after his incident with The Rift in Final Fantasy V. He, like Yuna, remembers everything from his respective game, and apparently ends up in a one-on-one battle with Bartz in his Story Mode.

The second scan talks about Gilgamesh’s play style and the effects of two new summons added to the game. The first is Calcabrina, which everyone should know from that annoying battle in Final Fantasy IV. This summon reduces the opponent’s bravery to 0, but does not inflict brave break.

The other summon is called Ultima, which has an effect worthy of it’s name. A timer is set when he is summoned (kind of like the timer for Ultima Weapon in the original Dissidia). When the time runs out, he automatically reduces and breaks your opponent’s bravery, EX Gauge, Assist Gauge, AND drains the map bravery. All I can say is “Overpowered much?”

The third scan talked about Labyrinth Mode, which we already know about.

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US Site Updated with DLC, Final Trailer

Well, these updates are coming in fast. I must have done at least 10 articles in the past 4 or 5 days. This is good, though. It means we’re getting more info than we had before. This update is to signify an update on the U.S. Dissidia 012 Site, which can be viewed below:

US Site

Within the update are many of the Third Costumes, a DLC Section, and the final trailer. The DLC section has some information about the Tifa and Cloud pre-order bonuses that Amazon and GameStop are offering. The trailer is actually the Japanese Final Trailer, but with English subtitles.

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Dissidia 012 OST Site Updated with Disc 3 Tracklist

We have yet another update for Dissidia 012, this time for the Soundtrack site. The OST site can be viewed below:

Dissidia 012 OST Site

The update has given us a tracklist for Disc 3 of the soundtrack, which was said to include Bonus Tracks not included in the game. The track names are as follows:

Cantata Mortis – Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy
God of Fire – Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

The following 4 are music from trailers, as opposed to ones composed for the game soundtracks:

Dissidia Final Fantasy (Jump Festa 2008)
Dissidia Final Fantasy (Final Trailer)
Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (Tokyo Game Show 2010)
Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (Final Trailer)

This was a small update, but the good news is that the soundtrack is due for release in 4 days, which means we may be able to listen to the entire thing in it’s entirety on YouTube in less than a week.

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Famitsu shows Gilgamesh Screenshots, Details “Labyrinth” Mode

Famitsu has updated their web site with an article about Dissidia 012, detailing Gilgamesh and the new “Labyrinth” mode for the game, which is like an evolved for of the Duel Colosseum from the first game. You can view their site below, already with a Google Translation:


First off, they talk about Gilgamesh. They refer to him as a “Legendary Swordsman” and say that he has visited many worlds by slipping through dimensions. It also makes a hint at the fact that Gilgamesh’s appearance in Dissidia 012 may not have been the doing of Cosmos or Chaos, but just him appearing on his own.

They made note of his “random weapon” battle style and that his movements are very comical. For example, he lands on his head when using a Jump attack. He also covers his ears when he uses the Missile attack.

They noted that his EX Burst has 8 swords spinning and you must choose Excalibur because the other 7 are fake weapons (Excalipoor).

They also talked about a new mode, called Labyrinth. This is set up similarly to the Duel Colosseum, but with some twists. First of all, there are still Battle, Job, and Treasure Chest cards here. You still gain medals from wins, which purchase treasure cards.

There are also Party battle cards, which are other characters. You can use these cards to add those characters as your Assists. There are “Door” cards, which apparently take you deeper into the Labyrinth. As you go deeper, enemies get stronger and rarer items become available.

It it good to see an evolved Duel Colosseum in this game. It is where I spent a lot of hours in the first Dissidia (and still do on occasion).

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Japanese Site Updated with Gilgamesh, Costumes, videos, Aeris Costumes

Yet another update to the japanese site for Dissidia 012 has occurred with a number of new additions. You can view the site below:

Dissidia 012 JP Site

First of all, Bartz and Exdeath have been added to the “Character” section, making that section complete with all 30 characters (savor Desperado Chaos).

We also have a couple new gameplay videos, showing off Yuna vs Prishe and Bartz vs Gilgamesh. Below are YouTube links to videos.

Yuna vs Prishe
Gilgamesh vs Bartz

Finally, in the “DLC” section, there are two alternate costumes for Aeris, the Assist-only character that comes with the purchase of Prologus. The two costumes represent her Amano artwork and her Crisis Core attire.

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Japanese Site Updated with World Map Video

This is the third and final article for today. The Japanese site for Dissidia 012 has been updated with a video on the World Map feature of the game, which resides in Story Mode. The site can be viewed below, and the video can be found in the “System” section:

Dissidia 012 JP Site

The video can also be watched at the following link via YouTube:

World Map Video

I know this one was short, but we have had a lot to post today. We’ve been getting a lot of information in these past few days, and hopefully, Square will keep sending it out.

I’ll be back with updates soon!
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